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Natural Fleas and Ticks treatments:

Fleas and Ticks are parasites living of a host organism (usually an animal), which means they feed of and need the host to survive. Therefore they are very quick to adapt to new environments and like viruses or bacteria have the ability to become resistant to chemical treatments and evolved. Ticks have an exoskeleton (a hard outside shell), which remain the best way of destroying them.

How to treat an infection

The most abundant natural source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) is coconut oil. Studies have shown that like bacteria, viruses and fungi, parasites can not stand up against MCFAs.

Thus, its effectiveness in suffocating the ticks is probably the most reliable natural tool to fight against them. As well, the application of Monoi de Tahiti will benefit the wounds healing caused by the bites.

The most relevant explanation we have found is that these fleas, ticks and head lice are parasites which have an exoskeleton; once the oil is being rub on it, it suffocates the parasite and them becomes deadly to them. This remains the safest and most convenient way of dealing promptly with these parasites.


Wounds Healing

Research is now verifying many health benefits of coconut oil, which many indigenous communities have long known. In a recent study published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, scientists examined the impact of topical coconut oil on wound healing and found that when virgin coconut oil was applied to the wound, it dramatically increased the rate at which wounds heal.

Researchers found that the coconut oil dramatically increased the rate at which the wounds heal by stimulating collagen production and turn-over. Also, new blood vessels formed more quickly in skin treated with virgin coconut oil.

A study, which was undertaken to evaluate the effect of a topical application of virgin coconut oil on wound healing in young rats, involved three sets of experiments with three groups of female Sprague-Dawley rats each consisting of six animals. Group 1 was the control; groups 2 and 3 were treated with 0.5 and 1.0 ml VCO, respectively, 24 hours after wound creation for 10 days. After the experimental period, the healing property of virgin coconut oil was evaluated on the healing process.


Directions of use

Apply the Monoi oil liberally on the skin and all affected areas.

We recommend using the Monoi AO Silk for all animals, it is all natural we believe it to be safe even if the animal is licking it off and can even be beneficial when ingested too.

Leave the oil on and re-apply as necessary.


Fleas and Ticks natural treatments.





































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