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A natural hair conditioner and Skin care Moisturizer:

Hair Conditioner


Before   After

From an EVIC-CEBA report on 4 December 1998

In vivo tests of Monoi were carried out for its properties as a hair care Product. The condition of subjects' hair was evaluated by a hairdresser using different Hair care products, the volunteers themselves and by electronic microscope analysis.
"Under these experimental conditions, we can conclude that Monoi de Tahiti effectively repairs dry and damaged hair. The hair is shiny and easy to comb. 70% of the volunteers are satisfied with the product."
In tests against Karite butter and Jojoba oil, Monoi has also shown outstanding results, especially compared to the former hair care products.


Skin Care Moisturizer


From an EVIC-CEBA report published on 28 July 1998

Tests have been done in vivo for skin care properties.
"Monoi de Tahiti provides progressive and long-lasting moisturizing on the upper layers of the skin, perfect as a daily skin care product. The maximum effect is reached between 4 and 6 hours after the application of the skin care & beauty product".
"After only one application on the skin, Monoi de Tahiti's moisturizing properties are comparable to those of Karite butter and better than other skin care products."


Monoi de Tahiti: a natural skin care moisturizer and hair care conditioner.



















































Monoi de Tahiti Tiare

Skin Care Moisturiser

Monoi AO Tiare


Tamanu oil

Tamanu oil 50ml