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Tamanu oil:

Monoi Australia's Tamanu Oil is from Tahiti with a unique extraction process.

It has been medically proven that Tamanu oil helps to moisturize, nourish and regenerate cells of the epidermis.
For a little less than 100 years Tamanu oil has been studied and utilised for its amazing skin healing properties, acne, scars, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant properties (sunburns, erythema).

Tamanu oil has been known for many years to be extremely beneficial for the skin. But due to its strong nutty scent and deep dark colour from traditional extraction process, it has never been a very popular cosmetic ingredient for market other than the Polynesian Islanders. Many companies started to deodorise their oil, to make it more attractive, but the beneficial resins were deteriorated by any deodorising processes (chemical or natural). In 2006, it all changed as Monoi Australia pioneered in the most amazing extracting process, which gave today's re-birth of the Tamanu oil awareness.

Monoi Australia's Tamanu oil is from Tahiti and extracted using a unique cold-press process that guarantees the maximum conservation of its active ingredients (or resins), whilst giving a much lighter colour and scent than any other Tamanu oil currently on the market. This process is well appreciated by any users and greatly disliked by all other companies promoting their lower quality oil.

Monoi Australia's Tamanu oil is stabilised, avoiding fast breakdown of the active ingredient. Our oil is the most advanced and effective natural skin healing oil you can rely on. Tamanu oils from Tahiti (not just from anywhere in Polynesia or Melanesia) have been studied and known for possessing a Higher percentage of active ingredients than other Tamanu oils.

Be aware of cheaper, deodorised or non-stabilised Tamanu oils. Any signs of deposits, deep dark green colour and strong smell are signs of the active ingredients deteriorating making its effectiveness less beneficial for your skin.

Buy only a Tamanu oil that will not disappoint you!

tamanu Skin healing oilTamanu oil:

50ml - $29.95
125ml - $54.95

Monoi Australia's Tamanu Oil is exempt of the 26 allergen substances listed in 2003/15/CE European directive.

Tamanu oil: a powerful skin healing oil.





























Monoi de Tahiti Tiare, 125ml

Skin Care Moisturiser

monoi tiare

Gardenia $28.00

Tiare $29.80 -125ml

Tiare Natural $34.90 - 125ml

Vanilla Natural $42.25 - 125ml

Silk $34.50 - 125ml

**NEW** Coco $44.50 - 250ml


Tamanu oil - Skin Healing Oil

tamanu Skin healing oil

50ml $29.95

125ml $54.95


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