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Archive October 6, 2019

How To Not Get FOMO When You Are Spending Your Summer Break Looking Into Accounting Internships


When people experience FOMO they are experiencing the Fear Of Missing Out and is something that people often experience a lot these days because of social media. For example, someone could be really tired after a long day at work only to see on Facebook that someone is throwing a party and they will then feel pressured into going even though they really need an early night. Usually as people get older, they get better at saying no and will more take the approach of the joy of missing out.

But until people reach this place in their life, they will have to deal with their emotions when they have to turn down some social events and knuckle down. This can happen when people need to study for an exam, when they getting ready for a business launch, or when they are looking for a job. So to best help those who are needing to get relevant work experience in before they finish their degrees, here is how to not get FOMO when you are spending your summer break looking into accounting internships.


You can help reduce the amount of FOMO that you get when looking into accounting internships by remembering what you are working towards

When people start the process of looking into accounting internships, they will often realise that this is a task that is quite tedious and time consuming. People can spend hours of their life fine tuning their resume, researching places to apply, practising what they are going to say in a job interview, as well as picking out what they are going to wear. On top of this, people will usually have to work part-time jobs while they complete their work experience as they will need to make money at the same time.

This means that people will very rarely have spare time over their summer break while means that they might miss out on going to the beach, going on road trips, going to parties, as well as all of the other fun things that people do on their summer break in-between semesters. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing as people can remember what they are working towards which is a paid position and a life where they can save for the things that they want like a new car or for their first home.


You can help reduce the amount of FOMO that you get when looking into accounting internships by rewarding yourself in a different way

While it can feel disappointing when people are not able to spend their summer running around with their friends after they have worked so hard on their studies throughout the year, this doesn’t mean that people cannot reward themselves in a different way. For instance, when people successfully obtain a work experience position that they had hoped for, they can celebrate by going out for a casual dinner or buying themselves something that they have been saving up for. People can do this again when they successfully complete their time at a workplace, especially if they are offered a paid position afterwards. Whatever it is that people choose, it needs to be something that will incentive them to keep going and to keep their spirits up. At the end of the day, it is important to know that spending one’s time searching for accounting internships and completing them is not a waste of time and people will very likely be putting themselves slightly ahead of their peers.