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Get Rid Of Bees Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Bees Naturally?

How To Get Rid Of Bees Naturally?

Bees are an important part of the environment. There are many programs which are launched in many places to save the bees. Bees are important because they help the seeds to produce fruit. They do this by helping it in pollination by transferring the pollen from male to female plants. When it comes to the bees, then there are many types of bees. If you have got beehive in your home or garden, then you think about the removal of the beehive from that place. But before going for the removal, you should know about the type of bees.

There are many types of bees. They are mentioned below.

  • Honey Bee : These kinds of bees are not aggressive, but they are highly beneficial. The nest that they build are heavy and can produce thousands of workers.
  • Carpenter Bee : The bees are oval and they are burrowed to the surface. These beams rarely damage the structural beams but the rate at which their nest multiply can destroy the surface.
  • Bumble Bee : These bees are aggressive when they are threatened. The best place for their nests is in fluffy materials, and sometimes they go for underground too.
  • Ground Bee : These bees are small in size with a yellow color jacket around them. They live in abandoned burrows and are sometimes aggressive.

It is usually seen that human structures are proved to be the best place for the bees. They get attracted towards these structures and build the hives in there. If you want to remove the bees from the structures, then you may go for this natural process. There are many types of natural ways by which you can remove the bees and beehive. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Use Of Natural Bee Repellents

It is seen that the bees usually get attracted towards the sweet smells. So, this can be done by sprinkling the garlic powder at the place where the bees are present. They avoid that area after that.

  1. Use Of Natural Lure

Bees usually build their homes closer to food source as the sweet smell attracts them. To remove them from their source, you can go for ripe mangoes. Cut the mangoes and then place them to the open sandwich bag. After that put the bag about 15 to 20 feet away from the hive. After some days you will see they have built their new hive near the bag.

  1. Use Of Natural Pesticides

In this method, you need to go for vinegar. Add vinegar to water and take the solution in a spray bottle. Then start spraying on bees, they will start to get suffocated and not able to fly out from their place.

These are some of the natural methods that you can follow to remove the bees or beehive from your place. But, when doing this all, you need to take proper precaution. It is always advisable that you should contact a bee removal agency for the removal of bees.

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