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Tips For Making Your Wedding Invitations The Best They Can Be

Tips For Making Your Wedding Invitations The Best They Can Be

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Congratulations on the fact you’re getting married! This is fantastic and exciting news and you understandably can’t wait to spread the news and start planning every last detail.

One of the small, but important parts to take care of early on is your wedding invitations that are sent to your guest list to let them know they’re being asked to attend. Naturally, there is a lot of traditional etiquette and unspoken law around how they are handled, and you can’t be blamed for not knowing all of them.

The following will examine some important tips you should keep in mind when preparing your wedding invitations:


Don’t overcrowd it with useless information

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A big mistake lots of people make with their wedding invitations is that they overcrowd it with lots of extras that may be well-intentioned but actually distract from the purpose of the letter. All you need to do is communicate, in an elegant way, that the recipient is on the guest list and that you’d like to see them there to celebrate with you – a bunch of extra stuff about how you and your partner met or why you chose a certain venue or location probably won’t be read or appreciated by them.


Send them out early

Generally, you want to send out your letters around 4-6 weeks before the big day. If you are having a special destination event on a tropical island off the coast, then you would obviously want to give your guests more notice so they can plan to take time off work and book flights/accommodation. If you don’t give the guests enough notice with your wedding invitations, then you might end up with a disappointing turn out to the most special day of your life.


Choose a style that matches your theme

You should try and design your wedding invitations so that they are uniform with the visual motifs you are leveraging for your big day. For example, if you are going with a tropical/island theme then it would make sense to use that kind of imagery on your wedding invitations so as to communicate the vibe to guests and give them a subtle hint on how to dress.

Or, if you are doing a classic style of ceremony, then you might opt to go with a white card with calligraphy. It’s all about making sure that you keep a consistent visual so that your big day looks as good as possible.


Try a digital alternative

online invitation drafting

Alternatively, you can create your wedding invitations online via a provider that provides the tools to design and print them. They will normally have an easy to use GUI that you can pick up and play with to your heart’s content. When you have landed on a design you like you can have your letters printed out and delivered en masse so you don’t have to make any envelopes or write anything yourself.


Don’t spend too much time on them

At the end of the day, they are only wedding invitations and aren’t going to be the thing that makes or breaks your big day. Just make sure that you reliably get a letter sent to the people you want to so that you can have a ceremony filled with friends and family who are overjoyed for you.

Hopefully the above information has helped you with your wedding invitations.

Kirk Lucas

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